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Beijing-Warsaw Forum - Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Driving
TIME: 2019-11-08|CLICKS:

Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Driving 

—— Collision and Integration Between Technology and Law


He Shanshan

He Shanshan is the director of Autonomous Driving Law Center of Zhi Lian Chu Xing Institute, the head of automobile and artificial intelligence business group of Beijing Anli law firm, the member of Committee of Experts on Autonomous Driving Law and Policy of the Ministry of Transport, and the member of Beijing Committee of Experts on autonomous driving . She got a LL.B. and LL.M. degree from School of Law, Tsinghua University, and LL.M. degree from Columbia University.

Alice Xiang

Alice Xiang is a researcher of The Partnership on AI (PAI) and a Visiting Scholar of YAU Mathematical Sciences Center of Tsinghua University. She got a BEc and M.S. from Harvard University ,a MEc from Oxford University and a LL.D from Yale University.


Li Xiaowu   Senior Researcher of Meituan Research Center for Law and Policy

Jiang Peng  Senior Researcher of Meituan Research Center for Law and Policy

Xu Ruqing  Senior Lawyer of Hoganlovells

Host: Shen Weiwei

Associate Professor of School of Law, CUPL

Director of Legal Research Center of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Time: 7 November 2019  19:30-21:00

Avenue: B211, Research Building, Graduate School of CUPL